PUBG Mobile Lite Lag Fix  HD Graphics Best Gfx Tool
This is No.01 GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile lite to fix lag issue, freez problem fix, no heat issue and best to customized PUBG mobile lite according to phones quality. This GFX Tool has ability to reduce graphics, adjust FPS low to high(20fps-6fps).

PUBG Mobile Lite lags and stuck in low end devices and get frame drop but using this GFX Tool you can easily fix all problems.

Best GFX Tool For PUBG Mobile Lite
GFX Tool has all version of PUBG Mobile including PUBG Mobile Lite. A sample and easy way to improve your gameplay and get chicken dinner performance. GFX Tool application supports all versions of PUBG like PUBG China, PUBG Mobile Lite, PUBG Mobile KR, PUBG Mobile Vietnam, PUBG Mobile Taiwan and all beta versions.

GFX Tool Features
GFX Tool is a free and easy utility game launcher to fully customize the PUBG Mobile Lite graphics and get smooth gameplay. GFX Tool application has many features as changing resolution, Unlock FPS according to device processor and Ram, unlock smooth to HDR graphics, enable & customize shadows, enable anti-aliasing and much more features. 

If you PUBG Mobile Lite being stuck then you just need to do settings according to your android device ram. If you mobile ram is 1GB & 2gb then you set 30Fps-40FPs, resolution 360p-540p save settings and run game.