[Planning face to face] Call Of Duty A new female character combining beauty and strength-Aiben-Tracker!

Hi soldiers, I haven't seen you in a long time. I am Jason. Recently, Cuipu cried and told me that someone was studying a hundred ways of eating dogs, so I asked for a few days of fake pressure and let me come out and talk to you.
I know what you want to talk about, but today, let me talk to you about the behind-the-scenes story of the new female character, Aiben-Tracker.

Remember the picture below? In fact, on the goddess day, Slimbo secretly released a photo of Miss Aiben and asked everyone to guess what was in the box. (Actually, Slimbo had intended to send herself, but was strongly stopped by our planning team.)
Next, let me introduce you to this 铿锵 rose on the battlefield! Not much nonsense, come to Zhang Tuxian!
Sorry to misplace it, it should be the
character information
Chinese name: Aiben-Tracker
English name: urban tracker
Character introduction: She took what she wanted, leaving only footprints.
Character planning background
Aiben is a new and original female character by Tian Meichun.Planning began in 2018. At that time, she had been exploring what kind of female character image to be able to meet the call-to-mission military combat style, and at the same time be in line with the public. Girl's aesthetics.
Therefore, we also conducted a long and multiple user survey, and tried multiple design directions, and finally selected such an image. I believe that Aiben will let girls shine in the battlefield with flexible skill and firm conviction. Most of the male characters in the

character design concept
"Call of Duty Mobile Games" come from the classic characters of BO2 and modern warfare, but there has been no female character with both body and face as the face value, and the masculine female character cannot show the weak beauty of girls. . So we designed a brand new actress-Aiben.
The background direction of this female character is the private armed company of modern war, so I hope to add some light entertainment elements instead of the serious military uniform of modern war. She is a war female character who definitely does not lose the battle value to the male, and her value crushes everything.

I do n’t know if Miss Aiben, the goddess of coolness and sweetness, has hit your heart! Dear soldiers, if you have any questions about the new character Aiben, please feel free to ask them in the comments ! Jason and Slim will discuss with you in the comment area ~
Then come here today, thank you for your support, Jason must continue to work overtime! I believe that CODM is also looking forward to meeting you soon!
A little research is correct
. In order to better understand everyone's preferences, I also prepared a vote. Which female character can get your favorite more?

Which female character do you like the most in Call of Duty Mobile Games? (Single-choice)
A. Urban
B. Battery
C. Outrider
D. Children only make choices. I would like

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